USR Wednesdays: Armor Closet

Armor has a long tradition in role playing games of being assigned to light, medium, and heavy groups, just like it is in Domino Writing-style USR. The bonus that’s provided is for defensive Action rolls in combat. We can get a little more specific here, though, since we’re really concentrating on making armor distinct without making the rules for it more complex. Depending on the setting, certain kinds of armor may not protect against bullets and/or laser or energy weapons.

suit of armor 230x300 - USR Wednesdays: Armor Closet

Plate mail, +3 bonus. He probably doesn’t need the shield. (image:

+1 (Light)
Bulletproof Vest: a lightweight coat worn under normal clothing, also a flak jacket.
Leather: a layer of toughened leather or heavy fur, sometimes strengthened with metal studs; also modern-day military flight suits, and even heavy sports equipment.
Shield: made of wood, metal or plastic, a shield is carried in one hand while still giving the attacker room to maneuver.

+2 (Medium)
Chainmail: the standard fantasy body armor, a coat of metal rings over a layer of padding, also bronze Roman-style plate armor.
Heavy Shield: a tall shield that can cover a human head to toe. It’s usually used as a barrier, where the attacker stays fixed in one place and attacks from behind it.
Military: the standard modern-day body armor, thick plastic plates inside flexible, padded clothing.

+3 (Heavy)
Plate Mail: the classic gear of “a knight in shining armor.” Flat steel pieces cover every inch of the warrior’s body, from the top of his head to beneath his feet. This is also the decorative armor of the samurai.
Powered Armor: the most powerful armor available, electronics and mechanical parts (and often weapons) included with the armor almost make it into a vehicle rather than just something to wear.
Riot Gear: heavier than typical military armor, this often includes a full face mask and extra padding on the most vulnerable areas.

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