USR Wednesdays: American Pantheon Part II

God of the unknown
Suggested Divine Domains: Secrets, Knowledge, War
Favored Weapon: Bomb
Colors: orange, black, green
Symbol: face with mustache
Foreigner changes from time to time, from “Savage Redskin” to “Yellow Peril” to “Desert-Dwelling Terrorist.” Though most legends put Foreigner in league with the other villainous members of the pantheon, like Monster, he’s not evil, and doesn’t encourage evil in his followers. He just has a different way of looking at the world and how his priests should behave.

Independent Woman
Goddess of femininity and justice
Suggested Divine Domains: Good, Freedom, Protection
Favored Weapon: Dagger
Colors: pink, white, purple
Symbol: full moon
She is the twin sister of Teen Hero, more serious and stronger, because her priestesses (and priests, there are some of both that follow her) are often the target of insult and injury. She appreciates the beautiful — like Blonde Bombshell — and the regal — like Lady Liberty, and gives the gifts of both to her followers as she can.

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The home of Lady Liberty’s power. Her priests must travel there at least once in their lives. (image:

Lady Liberty
Goddess of women and cultural expansion
Suggested Divine Domains: Friendship, Knowledge, Protection
Favored Weapon: Spear
Colors: white, yellow, green
Symbol: scales
Lady Liberty is the mother who births both America’s bounty and her peoples, and welcomes those who wish to join the great masses of the country. Lady Liberty first appeared as a native maiden, then gradually became Uncle Sam’s partner in many ways, great and small. She represents not only motherhood but the things that make a family strong: love and concern for all people, to one degree or another.

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      That’s a great idea… I think it could be any number of deities at any time (depending on whether Anonymous is doing good or doing evil).

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