USR: Ghostbusters 1984

Talon Waite over at the USR Google+ page asked for the Ghostbusters (the 1984 “boys” and 2016 “girls”) with his new Ghostbusters USR rules. I have the old West End Games d6 system box set, except for the box itself, and the dice: it has the rulebooks and the flimsy, perforated cards for items and “character sheets.” They’re all in a brown paper bag from my FLGS.

Ghostbusters box - USR: Ghostbusters 1984
Yep, I don’t have the game box.

The cards are still perfectly playable, and I used them for inspiration for the USR characters. These stick to the rules in Ghostbusters USR (including 5 health and 3 Brownie Points each).

Peter Venkman
Goal: Sex
Action: d8
Wits: d6
Ego: d10
Specialisms: Smarmy Psychologist (Ego; background), Bluff (Ego), Seduce (Action), Parapsychology (Wits)

Ray Stantz
Goal: Serving Humanity
Action: d8
Wits: d10
Ego: d6
Specialisms: Enthusiastic Researcher (Wits; background), Occult (Wits), Run (Action), Driving (Action)

Egon Spengler
Goal: Soulless Science
Action: d6
Wits: d10
Ego: d8
Specialisms: Single-Minded Inventor (Wits; background), Physics (Wits), Good At Explaining (Ego), Focused (Wits)

Winston Zeddemore
Goal: Money
Action: d10
Wits: d6
Ego: d8
Specialisms: Secret Military Past (Action; background), Heavy Weapons (Action), Encourage (Ego), Bargain (Wits)

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