New Ideas

Now that I’m getting this blog back up and running, I’m revisiting a number of game ideas I’ve had over the past few months (years). A lot of them are re-using classic games in new ways. Take today’s idea, inspired by Rum & Bones and LOAD, tabletop MOBAs. I’ve never actually played a MOBA, though I have written about them (“Video Game Makers,” March 2016); as with a lot of video games, I like the story and visuals more than actually playing.

So today I had an idea to blend chess, checkers and these tabletop MOBAs for a simple version of the game, one that doesn’t cost me anything (I already have chess and checkers, of course, and I don’t need any other materials). I’m not ready to add it to the site, as it needs playtesting.

When I pulled down my copy of chess, I also grabbed Risk, and I have an idea for that hoary old theme, zombie invasion. Something else I need to playtest before releasing.

I have ideas that will see the pages of my website when they’re done, and I’m getting to a point when I can actually work on them. It’s pretty nice to be in that position… it’s so rare.

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