Microlite 20

M20 300x179 - Microlite 20

Ultimate Fantasy: Dozens of optional rules to simulate the classic fantasy RPG. Includes 48 races and another 48 classes, as well as a customized character sheet.

Ultimate Modern-Day: Tell stories of wizard schoolboys, secret agents and alien hunters. Includes a very simple yet comprehensive system to add cars, space fighters and warships to your game. 100 percent compatible with all other Domino Writing-style Microlite 20 games.

Ultimate Costumes: Possibly my most popular game, the familiar Microlite 20 rules with a comic book superhero spin. No other superhero RPG offers the “Oblivious” power! Includes a character sheet and random roll rules, hearkening back to the classic FASERIP system. Now added to the system is Power Packages, so you can recreate your favorite hero using the Costumes Rules, and get him or her ready to play in just minutes.

Ultimate Mecha: Bring mechs and shape-changing robots to your game table (anime-style too).

Ultimate Ultramicrolite: Want Microlite 20 action in one page? Includes rules for fantasy, modern-day and even social combat.

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  1. Larry Parrish on

    I was searching for more MicroLite20 and stumbled upon your wonderful site. Domino Writing sounds familiar, but this site doesn’t; I must have visited before you last update, which looks great by the way.

    I read all the MicroLite20 material and found all wonderful, especially Costumes.

    Thank you for your contribution.


    • Thanks! I did update the site not long ago. Glad you like the M20 content, and I’m glad it’s still a living game. Costumes seems to be the most popular one I’ve written.

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