Archetype: Schemer

The schemer is the character who plots and plans and manipulates people to do what he wants. It’s hard to simulate in most games, because schemes are a long-term strategy, taking days, weeks, even years to carry out. They’re not direct like most RPG encounters. This is the world of Cersei Lannister and Lex Luthor (unless he’s wearing his green-and-purple battle suit).

NickFury - Archetype: Schemer
The rare example of a heroic schemer.

In USR, we can simply call “manipulative” a Specialism. Ego rolls are used for social combat, though a particularly oblivious character might use Wits to try and puzzle out what their more clever opponent is trying to say.

In Microlite 20, it’s a MIND + Communication roll. The Performance class ability (page 19 of the Fantasy Expansion) is based on the D&D Bard ability, but a schemer character can use it, especially if it’s limited to the Fascinate (distracting the target with words that discourage — or arouse — them) or Inspire Courage (a schemer is a master at giving a rousing speech) effects. The Connections class ability (page 18) is common, too.

Putting a long-term plan into play in a single game session would take a lot of set up. While planning a scheme can be fun in itself, the end results of one — getting your opponent to give in without drawing your sword or using a spell — can be simulated a lot more easily than it first appears.

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