People who aren’t writers (and a lot of writers too, I’ll venture to say) think of novels, blog posts or maybe PR pieces when they think about writing at all. Of course, there’s hundreds of other things to write, from advertising copy to poems and screenplays. Entire companies – and the occasional series here on this blog – are about just that subject.

But it’s up to the writer to bring that up to their clients. A writer may be hired to put together one particular piece, like a report or a presentation. When the writer sees other opportunities related to that, call them out! For example, a writer creating a marketing blurb for a new product can also: write the wording on the product itself, compose an email where the marketing blurb is attached and blog about the product (and blog about being the blogger on the product – there’s always a need for more content online).

Once a writer has a “foot in the door” with a client, it’s usually easy to see other places where a good writer and editor can help. The writer will often have to point that out themselves, though; if the client knew what to look for in a piece of writing, the professional writer wouldn’t be needed.