Kalamazoo Women’s Lifestyle

Inspired by an essay from a local father, I explore the online world of human trafficking, and provide places where people can go to learn more. Link
A profile on massage therapist McKenna Kring (the other item on the page isn't by me). This was an editing gig: I revised the provided text to make it more readable and interesting. Link
Season For A Reason and Doughchicks: a closer look at two of the businesses that got their start at Kalamazoo's Can-Do Kitchen, part of an ongoing series. Link
A look at 100 years of history: the American Red Cross of Southwest Michigan. Link
West and central Michigan's Girl Scouts are starting a new campaign: Equality for Women. I look at what they're doing... and why. Link
Each year, the Gilmore Car Museum invites high school students to learn and build classic cars. The Great Race, an endurance race from Jacksonville, Florida, to Traverse City, Michigan, starts this summer. The Gilmore team is taking a 1935 Packard on the road. Link
In March, Olivet College hosted its first "Cultivating Women Leaders" program, featuring talks from professional women and former graduates on success in and out of the business world. Link
A pair of articles, one on a local man's 230 square foot home, and another on discussion of the book and documentary "Being Mortal," about making decisions on what happens after death. Link

The Adventures of Barb & Tammy (November 2016): The first in the "It's Never Too Late" series, this is an introduction to a pair of Can-Do Kitchen participants who create their own granola for sale locally.

Beautifully Unique (October 2016): A profile on the women behind a service making dressing easier for women with breast cancer.

Get Out The Vote (August 2016): Kalamazoo’s League of Women Voters encourages good citizenship for everyone.

Bust A Move (July 2016): It was like a mixtape from the early 1990s at Wings Stadium.

Off-Court Action (July 2016): The USTA Boys’ 18 and 16 Tournament, held every year in Kalamazoo, is a boon to business.

Tennis Volunteers (June 2016): More than 1,000 volunteers are part of the tournament, before anyone even takes to the court.

Brew About Tour (May 2016): Berrien County’s contribution to the beer tour craze.

Your Turn (March 2016): An update on the women-focused running and healthy eating group building an audience in Kalamazoo.

Can-Do Kitchen (December 2015): An introduction to Kalamazoo’s home for food entrepreneurs, as it prepares for a big change.

American Sewing Guild (October 2015): Quilters, clothes-makers and more find friends and great ideas, complete with big-name guests.

Women's Sports (August 2015): Football and rugby for female teams.

Lyme Disease (July 2015): Living with and preventing the summertime scourge.

Kalamazoo Growlers (April 2015): The local minor league baseball team, in time for the start of its second season.

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