Other Writing

Making Money From Music (Greater Lansing Business Monthly): In a world where thousands of new songs can be found for free every day, how do musicians earn a living from their art?

Electric Cars (Greater Lansing Business Monthly): Whether the reason is saving money or cutting down on pollution, electric car fans say they’re 100 percent ready for a new generation of electricity-powered vehicles.

Cyber Schools (Greater Lansing Business Monthly): A look at LifeTech and Michigan Virtual, two online schools trying to move education completely into the digital world.

Ransomware (Greater Lansing Business Monthly): What software companies are doing to prevent viruses and dangerous invasive software like the WannaCry program.

Opioid Abuse in Michigan (Greater Lansing Business Monthly): How America’s major drug problem is affecting employers in Lansing and beyond.


Fat Guy Fest (Local Spins): A Kalamazoo music festival, previewed for an online music magazine.

Kalamazoo Blues Fest (Local Spins): A review of a downtown concert series.

Matt Giraud (Local Spins): The “American Idol” star returns to Kalamazoo.


Wyatt Oleff: An exclusive with the star of the films “Guardians Of The Galaxy” and “It.”

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