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The International Congress on Medieval Studies meets in Kalamazoo every year. Here's a look inside. Cover Story. Link
Almost every kid likes playing soccer, especially in a league that's made just for those with disabilities. Link

Residential Opportunities (October 2018): A profile of the long-running support program for the mentally and physically disabled.

Junior Pool (October 2018): Kalamazoo's young adults are excited about the sport of pool, and how it can help them get ready for the future.

Horseshoes (September 2018): Throwing shoes isn't just a way to pass a summertime evening for these guys; it's a major-league sport.

Kalamazoo Folklife (September 2018): Kalamazoo's folk music organization, for anyone who doesn't plug in to play.

Marmalade Dog (March 2018): Calling all role players and board gamers: Western Michigan University's Marmalade Dog Game Convention returns.

Slot Car Racing (March 2018): For more than 50 years, hobbyists have been building tracks and racing road-accurate slot cars in Kalamazoo.

Ghostbusters, Princesses, Superheroes (February 2018): At conventions and comic shops, cosplayers bring the costumes of movie and video game heroes to life, just for fun. Cover Story.

The Business of Cosplay (February 2018): A companion piece to the larger cosplay story: Pretty Princess HQ turns the joy of cosplay into a successful business.

Learning To Coexist (February 2018): Coexist Cafe isn't just a place for a cup of coffee and a sandwich; it's a place where people of all backgrounds can feel welcome.

Last Gasp Collective (January 2018): Meet Last Gasp Collective, a hip hop/jazz combo with a big sound and even bigger (some would say, nationwide) goals.

Podcasting (November 2017): From business to music and radio-controlled airplanes, podcasters talk about their shows done for fun. There are also marketers using the podcast model to promote their companies.

Artist SinGh (November 2017): The inventor of Latro Art and no shortage of controversy talks about his past, his future plans and his ban from the Grand Rapids ArtPrize.

Presenting Pawpaws (September 2017): Pawpaw fruit is native to our part of Michigan, but it's not on store shelves. Why not? What does it taste like, anyway?

Surviving But Not Thriving (June 2017): More than one-third of all families in Kalamazoo County have jobs - but not enough money to pay for basic needs like food and housing.

Frankie Goes To Kalamazoo (January 2017): The cable access/comic book/web series "Frankie" readies for a new season of horror films and music.

Hip-Hop In Kalamazoo (November 2016): Dezert Eez, Skitzo, Synergy Productions are all west Michigan-based rappers in an area not known for its hip-hop sound.

Inter-racial Adoption (August 2016): We’re famous for being us! From Encore’s FYI magazine. Cover story.

Klassic Arcade (July 2016): Pinball and old-time video games (are any video games really “old-time”?) in Gobles.

Asian Fusion Food (July 2016): Andrew Lum offers a variety of Asian food in Kalamazoo, from sushi to the traditional delicacy, the Philly cheesesteak eggroll.

Foraging (June 2016): How to live like a caveman in today’s world, and eat safely at the same time.

Video Game Makers (March 2016): Online game design houses based in Kalamazoo and Portage — there are three far from Silicon Valley. Cover Story.

House Call Doctors (March 2016): Medical professionals who come to you.

Downtown Kalamazoo Business (December 2015): The future of living and working in downtown Kalamazoo. Cover Story.

Face Off Theatre (November 2015): A profile of the new live performance group through the city’s Black Arts and Cultural Center.

Kombucha (November 2015): A popular drink being brewed in west Michigan… that isn’t beer? Believe it or not.

Kalamazoo Theater (October 2015): A profile of the many theater troupes in the area.

Taiko Drumming (October 2015): A style of music that mixes martial arts and drum sounds.

Comic Artists (September 2015): Comic book writers and illustrators in Kalamazoo and beyond. Cover Story.

Building Church 2.0 (July 2015): A new style church, Common Ground, opens its doors. Cover Story.

Tuesday Toolmen (July 2015): A profile of the local volunteer senior construction crew.

Crybaby Concerts (July 2015): Music for the youngest listeners.

Expanding Access to Art (May 2015): Kalamazoo’s signature event, the Art Hop. “Borrowed” by the Kalamazoo Gazette and used as a press release.

Building a Big Family (May 2015): Big Brothers Big Sisters, and their expansion plans for the next year.

Stulberg’s String of Success (April 2015): The Stulberg Competition, known in classical music circles and known much better now thanks to this article. This led to a position as communications with the Stulberg.

Fretboard Festival (March 2015): Another music fest, this one for guitar, violin and all string instruments.

Family Center for the Arts (February 2015): A profile of a little-known but very exciting youth theater company.

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