My Secret To Success

The secret to success in the modern world of business is by offering value, providing something unique that you know people want. That’s a contrast to the “old days,” when people would find you because your business listing in the Yellow Pages started with AAA. And as I have written about before¬†(a long time ago), […]

Earn Money While Writing: Children’s Books

Children’s books seem like the simplest thing of all to write: just a handful of words, and given a talented illustrator or photographer, the whole thing nearly creates itself. There’s a good example of the process here. This is one of the options in that big long list of ways to earn money with writing […]

Earn Money While Writing: Annual Reports

Ah, annual reports, traditionally really dry text with announcements of profit and successful sectors (for really big companies). Occasionally they’re interesting¬†but most are less so. It’s a pretty straightforward process – collect data from each department in the organization, specifically dollar amounts of, well, everything, from assets and liabilities to estimated sales figures. Remember that […]