Other Games

VSGMR (Very Simple Generic Miniatures Rules): Not the simplest of names, but one players know means quality. Grab some army guys and a few dice, and hit the table for a miniatures battle beyond compare.

Monsters Menace Monopoly: A good use for an old game. Kaiju and creature hordes swarm the streets of Atlantic City. All you need to play are these rules and a traditional Monopoly set.

Plastic Attack: Your action figures look nice on your shelf, but you can’t do anything with them… until now. A deck of cards and a d10, and you’re in battle.

Mutant Hunter: A quick solitaire roleplaying game. Gather your guns and your spying skills and track down the mutant gang in the streets of the cyber-city.

Dungeon Crawl Risus: Though USR is my simple RPG of choice, Risus is a legendary system in the community, and it was where I started developing the ideas that led to my version of USR.



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