Microlite 20

Ultimate Fantasy: Dozens of optional rules to simulate the classic fantasy RPG. Includes 48 races and another 48 classes, as well as a customized character sheet. Here’s a rules guide for those first-time gamers in your group, answering questions like, “What are hit points?” and “Which die do I roll?” Here’s a simple Microlite 20 Fantasy Modern-Day Template to calculate the statistics for fantasy and modern Domino Writing-style Microlite 20 games.

Ultimate Modern-Day: Tell stories of wizard schoolboys, secret agents and alien hunters. Includes a very simple yet comprehensive system to add cars, space fighters and warships to your game. 100 percent compatible with all other Domino Writing-style Microlite 20 games.

Ultimate Costumes: Possibly my most popular game, the familiar Microlite 20 rules with a comic book superhero spin. No other superhero RPG offers the “Oblivious” power! Includes a character sheet and random roll rules, hearkening back to the classic FASERIP system. I also created a simple Microlite 20 Costumes Template to calculate your character’s Power Points.

Ultimate Mecha: Bring mechs and shape-changing robots to your game table (anime-style too).

Ultimate Ultramicrolite: Want Microlite 20 action in one page? Includes rules for fantasy, modern-day and even social combat.

Physical, Subterfuge, Knowledge, Communication: there are only a few skills in Microlite 20. How do other game systems compare? Check out this skills guide to make translating between game systems easier.

What does a 16 Strength really mean? How good are you if you have 5 skill ranks? Answer your questions with the standards I use for my RPG blog.

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  1. I was searching for more MicroLite20 and stumbled upon your wonderful site. Domino Writing sounds familiar, but this site doesn’t; I must have visited before you last update, which looks great by the way.

    I read all the MicroLite20 material and found all wonderful, especially Costumes.

    Thank you for your contribution.


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