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Southwest Michigan once had a few reliable sources of news, like Channel 3 (WWMT), the Western Herald at Western Michigan University and the Kalamazoo Gazette, a newspaper I never had the opportunity to write for, unlike the first two. The rest of the news came out of Grand Rapids.

Mostly, it still does, but  now we’re looking at alternative sources of information, like the Onion variant Recoil and a small but hopefully growing podcast that I’m just learning about now. Plus, of course, there’s all the specialty publications like the seniors magazine and the parents magazine. That does seem to be the future of journalism – feature pieces on individuals and businesses (and in the case of Recoil, Grand Rapids-area bands).

I’m not the first to worry about the availability of quality reporting (and opportunities to write it), but at least Kalamazoo has something to offer. Please support the local stuff – the more local the better. Grand Rapids is nice, but it’s not southwest Michigan.

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