Scheduling My Writing

I’m able to spend more time with my writing these days, even “writing ahead”  little bit as I work on pieces to be published this summer. Now that it’s April, I’ve already seen three articles in Kalamazoo Women’s Lifestyle, which I “marketed” to the people I wrote about. I’m also blogging about it and mentioning it on social media, though much more occasionally than I should.

Schedules that I’ve seen from other writers have a set time to write, a set time to research and a set time to query for more writing. The challenge is to find time for all of those things, and stick to it — there’s always other errands to do, and it’s my “curse” to enjoy hobbies I want to spend time on.

Selling My Words

Sales-type blog posts have so many guidelines: use sub-headlines (like “Selling My Words”), write to bullet points (aka “clickbait”), and make outbound links to other sites, to build up relationships. Personal blogs, diary-style blog posts (like this one here) are read, but not stumbled on as often, so they have to be promoted differently: as forum signatures, and in social media.

A lot of this information is already out there with a simple web search. Putting it into practice is what each person has to do for themselves. For me, that’s promoting myself. I’ve been interviewed a few times, for radio and in front of classrooms, and I’ve found it’s easier to do the interviewing. I wonder if celebrities ever ask themselves why someone cares about everything they do (answer: yes).

Well, look at it this way: I have things to say, lists of them, that I look at whenever I need an idea. I do want to be seen, because I have ideas that I want to contribute, plus, bloggers I read and podcasters I listen to say opportunities have opened up simply by putting their words out into the public world. That’s what I need to do… that, and the fact that I’ve already received emails and heard from people who have looked my work up online. I’m already out there. I just need to go farther.

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