Podcasting: Just Getting Started

My newest project, in an attempt to get more attention to the websites I’m responsible for promoting, is a podcast. Surprisingly there are a coverage areas that aren’t already being covered by a podcast (though the podcast “industry” would have you believe that the high point for the field has already passed). I have some basic hardware, thanks to research and Amazon. I know how to interview people, and a podcast skips the step of actually writing the article. Maybe this will be ideal for me. Now the trick is to find subjects for a podcast. I have a few mind; it’s just a matter of scheduling appointments.

A lot of the podcasts I listen to have set up Patreon pages or even read ad copy on their shows. I plan to get there one say, but I should probably start attracting listeners first, hm? Doing a podcast will also get me out in the social media sphere too — I can promote my show on those sites, and get the conversation going. More to come as I focus on this.

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