Notary Needs

While I’m working on getting this blog up and running regularly, I’m also looking at all the possibilities I have to offer. I am a notary public, and carry around a personalized stamp just for that purpose. It’s not something I use all that often, but it’s convenient for a lot of documents, and from what I read online it’s a good way to earn a little something extra.

There’s not much to it, just a small fee and a little time filling out paperwork (and, of course, waiting for the state to get back to you), but it’s been helpful to me already, and I think I’ll keep my notary status as long as I can.

Monsters Menace Monopoly

I was in Toys R Us the other day, looking at what’s on the shelves (haven’t done that in months – I like to see what’s actually available, instead of what’s breaking online). I saw the newest edition of traditional Monopoly has a cat playing piece, presumably to go with the little dog. That combined with the trailer for “Godzilla” made me think back to an old game of mine; the rules are cleaned up here.

Where’s the writing?

This is a piece from an entertainment website, but it’s appropriate for journalists – only about 50,000 news writers left in the U.S., with dismal incomes. That’s one reason (the main reason, really) I’m not in the field any more, though I am trying to get back into freelance writing. Writing straight news is hard to come by, as has been said many times, but corporate communications is still a viable career choice. Writing is writing, especially if you can get paid for it.