Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying

USR 300x190 - Unbelievably Simple Roleplaying

USR (Domino Writing style): Sometimes you want a quick RPG system that gets out of the way of the story — but isn’t so light that new gamers have no guidelines when creating characters. Includes a character sheet, superhero rules and a full system in just two pages.

A lot of content on the blog is for USR.

There’s a MeWe page for USR also.

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  1. I started playing d20 in the 80’s, and progressed with easy games like Star Frontiers, Marvel (FASERIP), Top Secret, Traveller and Twilight 2000. After that, I realized games needed to be very complicated, rules for everything, so I switched to GURPS and Champions. After pulling my hair out for years, I discovered Fudge (not Fate, ewh) and have enjoyed lite role playing since.

    While I enjoyed reading USR, it was a little too simple for me (I like my fudge), but great work.

    1. The simplicity of USR is what I enjoy so much. I can just jump right in and start playing. You do have to make sure you clearly explain your character’s specialisms before you start playing… but that’s kind of the same thing you have to do with Fudge/Fate aspects, isn’t it?

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