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How To Rob A Bank: Solo/Co-Op: A solo and co-op variant of Big G Creative’s “How To Rob A Bank.” The game itself operates the Guards, as you try to collect the bags of cash.

Westeros Intrigue: Solo: A solitaire variant of the Fantasy Flight Games card placement game. Lead House Stark to dominance over rivals old and new, in a world where anyone can die.

Monsters Menace Monopoly: A good use for an old game. Kaiju and creature hordes swarm the streets of Atlantic City. All you need to play are these rules and a traditional Monopoly set.

King Of Tokyo: Solo: The humans have recruited a kaiju to their side. Face off against a giant beast in the Pacific Ocean without needing another player.

Plastic Attack: Your action figures look nice on your shelf, but you can’t do anything with them… until now. A deck of cards and a d10, and you’re ready for battle.

Mutant Hunter: A quick solitaire role playing game. Gather your guns and your spying skills and track down the mutant gang in the streets of the cyber-city.

Solo Role Playing: A quick, simple way to tell a story by yourself, and still get a chance to roll some dice.

Agents & Assassins: This supplement for the 4C role playing game (a version of the classic Marvel Super Heroes RPG — the FASERIP one) features action-movie heroes, not as super but just as fun. It was later published as Super Agents by Seraphim Guard Games.

Cartoon Action Hour (Season 3): I also contributed the character “Bubblor” to Warriors Of The Cosmos, a supplement to the Spectrum Games Cartoon Action Hour role playing game.


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