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Some of these games modifications were created by me, while others were modified from content by other creators and found online. I give credit where I can.

Age of War: Solo rules to travel ancient Japan and battle with ninja and the spirits.

Agents & Assassins: This supplement for the 4C role playing game (a version of the classic Marvel Superheroes RPG, the FASERIP one) features action-movie heroes, not as super but just as fun.

Car Wars The Card Game: Take on two cars at once with these simple road race rules.

Cartoon Action Hour (Season 3): I also contributed the character “Bubblor” to Warriors Of The Cosmos, a supplement to the Spectrum Games Cartoon Action Hour role playing game.

Catan: Build your network of villages and cities before the robbers turn the island to dust with these solo rules.

Clue: Hide Your Tracks: Keep the detectives off your trail in this one-player inversion of the classic game.

Fistful of Lead: My version of this great miniatures game includes a summary sheet (how to play and how to build a team) as well as 22 pages of teams, from Space Soldiers to Undead and beyond. 

Ghostbusters: Answer the Call: Play as the 1984 team or the 2016 team with a special rule for each Ghostbuster. 

Here To Slay: Solo rules to pit your rangers, necromancers, and other cute animal classes against a portal full of monsters.

Hero Kids: A fantastic first RPG for young players (and beginner adults, too); with the few guidelines here you can play a simple skirmish battle. 

Heroclix: Heroclix Alpha was a Batman-themed version that streamlined the rules to make it faster to play. There have been a few other attempts to do the same, but this version uses every power in the game in just a few pages. 

How To Rob A Bank: A solo and co-op variant of Big G Creative’s “How To Rob A Bank.” The game itself operates the Guards, as you try to collect the bags of cash.

King Of Tokyo: Solo: The humans have recruited a kaiju to their side. Face off against a giant beast in the Pacific Ocean without needing another player.

Lionheart: Schemes: Add the throne room politicking of A Song Of Ice And Fire into your battles between the gold and silver armies.

Lords of Waterdeep: Scheme and plan against an automated opponent. 

Munchkin: It’s more fun to make trouble for other players, but with these solo rules you can take on the deck of doors yourself… or die trying. 

Rangers of Shadow Deep: If you’re familiar with the classes of 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, you’ll be able to play these heroes as rangers or their companions. 

Risk: Black Plague: Keep the deadly disease from spreading across the planet in this solo take on the legendary Hasbro game. They don’t attack, they just keep growing.

Space Marine Adventures: Keep score or battle Chaos Space Marines in Doomsday Countdown with these options. 

Space Swarm: A summary of the rules and of the fleets for this fast, straightforward starship battle game can be found here. 

Stargrave: A clean, easy-to-understand version of the roster sheet (and a half-roster sheet for a more compact game).

Westeros Intrigue: A solitaire variant of the Fantasy Flight Games card placement game. Lead House Stark to dominance over rivals old and new, in a world where anyone can die.

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