Solo Gaming 300x260 - Home

All the rules you need for a solitaire RPG or tabletop miniatures skirmish.

As the name suggests, VSGMR is a fast, easy way to play. It’s not even the only simple miniatures rules set on this page!

Based on the streamlined but still detailed original USR rules, this is a quick way to get gaming, even for brand-new players.

Superheroes, fantasy species, modern-day adventurers… my contributions to this still-active game.

Plastic Attack 300x246 - Home

Your action figures look nice on your shelf, but you can’t do anything with them… until now. A deck of cards and a d10, and you’re ready for battle.

Plastic Attack rules

A good use for an old game. Kaiju and creature hordes swarm the streets of Atlantic City. All you need to play are these rules and a traditional Monopoly set.

Monsters Menace Monopoly rules

Blow up a building! Get out of danger in the nick of time! With or without a superhero costume, this game is the fast, fun way to roleplay your favorite action movies.

Explosions and Escapes rules

Mutant Hunter 300x224 - Home

A quick solitaire role playing game. Gather your guns and your spying skills and track down the mutant gang in the streets of the cyber-city.

Mutant Hunter rules

Options for games you might have: new rules, variant ways to play, solo options, reference sheets, and more.