Marketing Myself

I think my hesitation to blog here, and use social media, and generally “sell” my own personal brand — which is what’s supposed to happen to get attention online — is that I’m pretty reserved, and don’t like promoting myself a lot. Well, that’s a conflict right there. So, I’m going to work on that; talking about myself, and what I’m doing. The first thing I’m doing is a blog post for the first time in a very, very long time.

All Over That Magazine

I wrote three separate articles in this month’s issue of Encore magazine, on a new church, a concert series and a volunteer service. I hope the readers like them, and that I treated the organizations with accuracy — that’s always the goal.

I’m still writing for some other local publications, and my marketing in the financial services industry is coming along; I see success as soon as some other people give me the go-ahead.  I won’t be in my current situation forever, and hopefully I’ll be doing better.

More Time On-Site

I’ve been away (again), but I think I have a better idea of time management now. I recently reached out to five different local publications looking to write for them, and have had little success, aside from the two publications that I already write for, Encore and Kalamazoo Women’s Lifestyle… speaking of which, I’m in the current issue.

So, if I can’t get anyone to write for, I’ll just write for myself. Thus, back to the blog. In the interim I’ve been reading a lot about online marketing and social media, so as before I’ll use this space as a method to advertise. My first project is EXITS, the website for which I designed myself. It’s been quiet there for a while, too, but it’s starting to ramp up. I hope by this time next year it’s really active; that’s the goal, at least.