This has been a successful weekend for me and the site. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on how to improve the site, and my Facebook presence, and my LinkedIn presence. I also need to do more marketing of the professional websites I’m ostensibly responsible for (that will mostly be just getting the sites in online directories — inbound marketing is a thing I need to research more as well). And finally my schedule is a little freer than it used to be, so I can devote more time to these things. Things I hope will pay off before too long.

Revised Website

This is exactly what it sounds like — a new WordPress theme which hopefully makes the site easier to look at. It’s slow going, as learning a combination of WYSIWYG web design and basic HTML is essentially learning a new language. But it’s a necessary part of the job, adding to my skill set. I can develop this site in parallel with the other ones I work on professionally (well, two of them, since one is extremely restrictive, due to compliance standards no one likes but that we’re stuck with).

So, now that I have the site the way I like it, for now, I’ll concentrate on the blog. And the social media. And the just plain self-promotion.

Working Opportunities

I am currently working for three different employers: an insurance sales agent, a startup exit planning strategy firm, and a real estate development company. I also write for several publications, and am trying to do more of my own marketing (setting up a podcast, inbound marketing, and… blogs). I’m also writing for several local organizations, in their limited way trying to reach a larger audience. Limited because they don’t have a large marketing budget that can afford a “full-court press” of publicizing themselves: videos and regular blog posts and tweets and constant hype.

It is a lot of activity and is paying off (to a degree), but I see where I want to head on in the future. Having it all summarized here is actually helpful — I usually just focus on one job at a time, and try not to think about balancing them all so everything gets “covered.”