Support your local news

Southwest Michigan once had a few reliable sources of news, like Channel 3 (WWMT), the Western Herald at Western Michigan University and the Kalamazoo Gazette, a newspaper I never had the opportunity to write for, unlike the first two. The rest of the news came out of Grand Rapids.

Mostly, it still does, but  now we’re looking at alternative sources of information, like the Onion variant Recoil and a small but hopefully growing podcast that I’m just learning about now. Plus, of course, there’s all the specialty publications like the seniors magazine and the parents magazine. That does seem to be the future of journalism – feature pieces on individuals and businesses (and in the case of Recoil, Grand Rapids-area bands).

I’m not the first to worry about the availability of quality reporting (and opportunities to write it), but at least Kalamazoo has something to offer. Please support the local stuff – the more local the better. Grand Rapids is nice, but it’s not southwest Michigan.


Like a lot of bloggers, I keep promising to keep the website and blog updated but let the time slip away. That’s not happening now – I’ve got a plan for how to keep the blog up and running.

First, though my website is a home for both professional writing and gaming material, this blog will be just for professional writing: observations on the field, comments on related topics, and whatever else is relevant, as long as it is professional. The gaming material will be on another blog:, which is also going to be updated regularly, just with different material.

What have I been writing over the last few weeks? I’m working on magazine articles, which unfortunately just changed the publication date to “sometime in the future” for reasons out of my control. I also put together content for a long-time project of mine, the Twelve Bridges RV Condo and Resort in South Haven, Michigan. Its owner is seeking funding from a variety of sources, including crowd funding. I wrote the content for his RocketHub submission. There’s also an Indiegogo project, being put together by his son (I’ll post a link when it’s active). Contribute to a good cause, won’t you?

Notary Needs

While I’m working on getting this blog up and running regularly, I’m also looking at all the possibilities I have to offer. I am a notary public, and carry around a personalized stamp just for that purpose. It’s not something I use all that often, but it’s convenient for a lot of documents, and from what I read online it’s a good way to earn a little something extra.

There’s not much to it, just a small fee and a little time filling out paperwork (and, of course, waiting for the state to get back to you), but it’s been helpful to me already, and I think I’ll keep my notary status as long as I can.