Cold Calling

I don’t cold call often because I don’t think sales are my strong suit. I need to develop my skills, and I got a boost in that direction today. I’ve read up on cold calling techniques, but what it really comes down to is picking up the phone, and moving on after a rejection. Experienced sales professionals say their attitude is, “If the prospect doesn’t want the good thing you’re offering, it’s their loss.” (I’m paraphrasing).

It takes some time and practice. Toward the end of my calling session, I had a feel for what I was going to say, and some responses to forestall people dismissing me as a sales pitch. Still not my favorite thing to do, but you have to start somewhere. And everything in life is a sales pitch of one kind or another, so it’s good to work on. Like posting regularly to this blog.


This has been a successful weekend for me and the site. I’ve been doing a lot of reading on how to improve the site, and my Facebook presence, and my LinkedIn presence. I also need to do more marketing of the professional websites I’m ostensibly responsible for (that will mostly be just getting the sites in online directories — inbound marketing is a thing I need to research more as well). And finally my schedule is a little freer than it used to be, so I can devote more time to these things. Things I hope will pay off before too long.

Revised Website

This is exactly what it sounds like — a new WordPress theme which hopefully makes the site easier to look at. It’s slow going, as learning a combination of WYSIWYG web design and basic HTML is essentially learning a new language. But it’s a necessary part of the job, adding to my skill set. I can develop this site in parallel with the other ones I work on professionally (well, two of them, since one is extremely restrictive, due to compliance standards no one likes but that we’re stuck with).

So, now that I have the site the way I like it, for now, I’ll concentrate on the blog. And the social media. And the just plain self-promotion.